Thursday, June 3, 2010

Firefly - Josh Whedon

Okay, I came to the Firefly party long after the series had been canceled and left original fans in tears, but lately I've been watching the series again and my question is why? Has anyone ever quite figured out why the show was canceled? Too good? I mean Two and a Half Men is going to run until Charlie Sheen breaks a hip, but we only get 14 episodes of Firefly? Was the show too expensive? Does the American viewing public not like well-written adventure shows in space? It is hugely frustrating. (And yes, I know I'm picking at an old wound for many fans - Sorry! - But I am absolutely perplexed.) After reading The Hunger Games, I felt that I had to pick up my writing skills, but maybe only for novels. If I by some bizarre twist of fate I end up writing for television, I'll make sure to lower the bar.

p.s. - As a tidbit after that depressing post, I was at a UA party last year and there was a guy crazy geek dancing. I was watching him for the sheer pleasure of enjoying someone obviously enjoying themselves on the dance floor when my friend leaned over and said, "That's Josh Whedon." Hey, hey, he looked pretty fun.

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