Wednesday, June 8, 2011

H.P. Mallory Interview - Part II

AA - Besides the characters in your own books, who is your favorite vampire?

HP - Oh, man. I do love classic Dracula but from more recent stuff, I love love love Jean Claude from the Anita Blake series.

AA - Are you related to the famous British mountaineer, George Mallory? If yes, how? If no, make something up.

HP - LOL No I'm not. But, wasn't there a Mallory among King Arthur's knights of Camelot or something? If so, I'm related to him...

AA - What is your preferred ebook reading device?

HP - I have an IPad.

AA - Given that you’ve had success as an indie author and are on the verge of having success as a traditionally published author, what do you think is the future of the publishing industry?

HP - I think the future is definitely heading toward more and more ebooks. Having said that, though, I don't ever think paperback or hardbound books will completely disappear.

But, yes, I think we are definitely in and will continue to be in a ebook revolution!

AA - If you couldn’t write in your prefered genres, (Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy) what do you think you’d write?

HP -Probably historical romance.

AA - So many people say that they want to be a writer, but have trouble finding the time / motivation to write. What drove you to complete your first novel?

HP - I was living in Cambridge, England and found myself without a 9-5 job, instead, working for myself as an online marketing consultant. Given the fact that I had lots of extra time and was living in the most beautiful, historical place imaginable, it was sort of like I couldn't not write a book. LOL

AA - What’s next for H.P. Mallory? Are you focusing on your Jolie series for Random House or will we have another title first?

HP - Right now I'm focusing on the next Jolie Wilkins book for Random House. Then I'll be working on antoher Dulcie book and then I'm going to be putting my head together wtih bestselling author, JR Rain, to co author a book! Lots coming up!

AA - Thank you very much H.P. Mallory!

HP - Thank you!!!

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