Thursday, October 14, 2010

Meter Dog

I was putting money in a meter yesterday when a woman walked her dog over to let it relieve itself on the exact meter I was using. I glared at her and snarled, "You've got to be kidding." So, she pulled her dog away and let it pee on a bed of flowers.

What is the thought process behind allowing this behavior in a dog? I was really stunned. Not only that she would bring her pet over to virtually pee on my leg, but then she thought it was okay to let the dog douse some plants with ammonia. Poor San Francisco is already bereft of any type of plant or tree life, there's no point in letting your dog kill the few growing things we have in the city.

Good dog etiquette would seem self evident, but apparently it's not. Fortunately, the SPCA has kindly listed some basic rules to make living in a city overrun with dogs at least a tolerable place.

Take a look here. Please! And remember, just because you love your dog, doesn't mean someone else wants it peeing on her leg.


  1. Did you know you share a birthday with Oscar Wilde?Happy Birthday.

  2. Well, that explains a bit...

    How clever of you to remember my birthday all these years. Glad to know you're keeping the brain agile. ;O)