Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Pigeons vs. Puffins

Pigeons don't appear to enjoy flying. They would rather try to outrun you on their stubby little bird legs rather than take to the skies. They seem to use flying only as a last resort.

Puffins, on the other hand, are barely clinging to their ability to fly. When you see them in the air, madly flapping at the sky, they look more like wind-up mechanical toys than creatures that are intended to have the ability of flight. But still, the puffins are intent on doing it, even if they are one evolutionary step away from being land bound forever. I think that's why they cling to flight so desperately. They actually appreciate it, while city dwelling pigeons have grown complacent and lazy from eating too many french fries.

Fratercula corniculataUSFWSSL0002774.jpg


  1. Haha!!!

    Oh Adrianne, I've missed your blog. I need to stop by here far more regularly.

    I wouldn't mind it if some of the pigeons in LA were replaced by puffins. Though do you think they would lose their desire to fly if they did?

  2. I remember reading somewhere that pigeons were not indigenous. That they were brought to America by European sportsmen who wanted them here for sport. Uhm... thanks...