Monday, February 9, 2009

And the WGA winner is...

Star Wars!

Like #&@%$% George Lucas needs any more free publicity!

Actually, we met the Star Wars writers and they were very nice.

The event was sparkly and fun. We mingled with and gawked at celebrities, plus there was a feature on DHSGiT in Written By, the WGA magazine.

First observation on Hollywood celebrities, everyone is much smaller than you think. It's like viewing the Mona Lisa. Someone who is listed on IMDB at 6'1" is probably more like 5'8" or 9".

My first crush of the evening and the host of the awards was Neil Patrick Harris. And, let me tell you, gay, straight, whatever, he appeared to be sexy, self deprecating, handsome and did a great job hosting the show. I walked right by him and the man has incredible cheek bones.

More details on the show later. I have to work on writing a game now.

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