Monday, February 9, 2009

Ben Edlund and Not Annette Bening

During the cocktail hour, before the WGA awards, my friend Kelly and I were admiring the unique worsted wool dress of a woman standing nearby. It looked like a gorgeous garment sewn from the finest dryer lint. I know it's hard to imagine, but I mean it in a very good way. Later, we saw the same woman from the front and I said, "Oh, the worsted wool woman is Annette Bening." She looked fabulous and much younger than I expected, but not in that creepy, 'I've had a lot of work done', sort of way.

After the awards, people were chatting and I saw the remarkably well preserved Annette Bening again. She was smiling and looked very approachable, so I went over to talk. (And mind you, by this time, I had consumed a fair amount of wine to take the sting off of not winning, so I was feeling brave.) I complimented her dress, we chatted. I mentioned how I also liked the green rhinestone FUEL pin she was wearing in promotion of the movie up for best documentary screenplay. She responded by pulling another pin out from under her wrap and handing it to me. At that point I was thinking, "Wow, Annette Bening is really nice and she's giving me jewelry!" It was loud in the room and as I listened to her speak, I thought she had a mild speech impediment... no wait... some kind of accent... a familiar accent... a Danish Accent! Not Annette Bening's name is Bridgette. She is a fabulous Danish woman who is married to either the writer or director of Fuel. (Sadly, I can't remember and no one else seems to remember either.) Her husband was stuck somewhere on a shoot and couldn't make it so she brought her friend Ben.

My third and largest crush of the WGA awards was...

Ben Edlund!

Yes, the creator of The Tick! That Ben Edlund! Super nice, funny, handsome guy. He was also incredibly modest. I looked him up on IMDB and wow has he done a lot. Check it out:

Ben Edlund

What a sweetheart. Very crush worthy.

Jason, Kelly, Leslie, Ben, Not Annette Bening, another really nice man who makes commercials whose name I currently forget and myself all headed to our room to drink champagne and hang out. Very fun, good conversation, great people.

Halfway through the evening, I saw Ben open the note pad for our room and write something down. The next day, when we were packing up, I thought to look at what he wrote:

The weird thing is, two weeks ago, I was trying to tell Jason about a country in Africa and couldn't think of the name to save my life. How nice of the creator of The Tick to remind me. He really is a superhero.


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