Monday, February 16, 2009

Mad, bad and dangerous

Feel the need for a skewered look at the Goth scene?

Check out the books by Karl Christian Krumpholz

(Although I really must dissuade him from posting unattractive pictures of myself.)

He's the creator for Byron: Mad, Bad and Dangerous published by Slave Labor Graphics.

Darkly funny, just like Karl.

Karl Christian Krumpholz



  1. Thanks for the plug. I find it absolutely necessary to also point out that SLG is serializing the new Byron series at their website.

    Love the classy photos of you at the award show. How come you never dress that way at Comic Con?

  2. It took a crack team of fashion experts to prepare me for the WGA awards. I like looking fancy, but it's difficult to clad my Amazonian sized frame. Even Not Annette Bening, who is 5'10", was complaining about finding clothes to fit her in LA. Of course in Denmark, she doesn't have a problem.