Wednesday, January 5, 2011

When the end of the world comes...

I hope I'm wearing a sports bra.

I imagine there will be a lot of running and dodging fireballs and other aerobic activities. And when doing physical stuff like that, it's best to have some support.

But how do you plan for the end of the world? You can't always wear practical shoes and carry a windbreaker. Sometimes, while waiting for the apocalypse, the husband wants to take you out to dinner and that involves putting on heels.

There's really no practical way to plan for Armageddon. But, when it does happen, I hope I at least have a change of underwear.


  1. Love it! Seriously, your random thoughts are my absolute favorites. You should publish them when you get enough of them written down.

  2. Thanks Tim! Husband has just informed me that he would like to face Armageddon in formal wear. His theory being, we should go in style. But he's not the one that will be trying to scale a landslide in heels, now is he?