Saturday, July 3, 2010

Are These My Basoomas I see Before Me?

I find Louise Rennison's series Confessions of Georgia Nicolson a guilty pleasure. So silly and fabulous. They always make me feel a little wistful that I wasn't more carefree and whatnot as a teen. I stumbled across Knocked Out By My Nunga Nungas by accident, but I think it was a good way to enter the series. Here's how I rate the whole thing.

Book #1 - Good, but Rennison is just warming up.
Books #2 - #5 Increasing in hilarity and madness.
Books #6-#9 The plot moves slower than you'd like and by book 8 you keep reading, but it isn't as fresh as before
Book #10 Good finish. Nice resolution.

And, full confession here, I have a bit of a crush on Dave the Laugh. I do hope they make this series into a movie and don't do anything dreadful to it like basing it in America. It is very English and I mean that as a compliment under these circumstances.

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