Sunday, July 18, 2010

Comic Con 2010 is Coming

There's no stopping it. You might as well just gird your loins and embrace the Con.

Comic-Con 2010 - What's New
Yes, I will be there getting my Fraggle Rock on with the lovely people from Archaia Comics. The hardcover for Fraggle Rock Volume #1 will launch at the show. Yes, you heard me correctly.

The husband will stay at home tending to our school of rabid land piranhas and other dangerous pets.


  1. you do realize that the Westboro Baptist Church will be protesting Comic Con this year? the year i specifically chose not to go? you can see it here, on the interwebz:
    i will be missing such fabulous photos of stormtroopers and superman arguing and counter-protesting. *sigh* i do hope that you and my boy manage to have fun despite the chaos that is the con. and you both had better miss me. :) good luck and have fun!!!!

  2. Of course we missed you! Are you kidding? And I also completely missed the protest (but in a different sense, naturally) Where were they? Probably being "attacked" by Storm Troopers.