Saturday, July 2, 2011

Barbra Annino Interview - Part II

AA - Who are three of your favorite eBook authors and what genres do they write?

BA - Oy, that's tough. There are so many. LJ Sellers writes great mystery/suspense, Deborah Greary has a book out called A Modern Witch that I'm reading now--a fun fantasy/romance and JL Bryan writers creepy horror.

AA - What’s an average work day like for you? Up and fully dressed in business casual or wearing your pajamas until you realize it’s past noon?

I get up, crawl into workout gear, drink coffee, work until a Dane pokes me in the shoulder, then walk a dog, lunch, shower, then back to work until 6.

BA - If you weren’t a writer, how would you earn your living?

As a professional poker player.

AA - What are your five top tips for promoting an eBook?

BA - Make a walking billboard with your book cover, get naked, slip it over your head and stand in rush hour traffic. Repeat five times.

AA - When writing a novel, do you bullet point out the whole plot or just find yourself listing into it? How do you set about writing a book?

BA - Usually characters come to me first. I do a lot of writing in my head and I might jot down really basic ideas or traits such as occupation of the protagonist.

The first book I outlined, but since then, I've been flying through the air without a net. That way, no one can tell me they knew who the killer was or how the story would end, because I didn't even know.


AA - What can you tell us about your new novelette Doppelganger?

BA - It's a suspense story about a woman who is always in a hurry, never slowing down to enjoy her life until someone tries to take it away--someone who looks just like her.

Have you ever met your own doppelganger?

No, but I suspect she may have had one too many glasses of wine a few years ago because it certainly wasn't me who flashed that tour bus.

AA - What’s next for Barbra Annino?

BA - BLOODSTONE is the second title in this series and then I have plans for an urban fantasy and a YA, but right now I have to wipe the slobber from my keyboard.

Thank you Barbra!

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