Thursday, July 28, 2011

M.R. Mathias Interview! - Part II

AA - Who are three of your favorite ebook authors and why?

MRM - Hmmm.... ebook authors are just authors so the question is: Who are three of my favorite Indie authors or three of my favorite authors?

Indy: 1- Tracey Alley 2-Derek Prior 3-Tracy Falbe Published: 1-Raymond E. Feist 2-Clive Cussler 3-George R. R. Martin

AA - What’s your favorite piece of jewelry and what significance does it have in your life?

MRM - The ring in my authors photo has a great signifigance to me. It has a dragons teardrop mounted in it. My Grandfather wore it until he died. It was handed down.

AA - What’s your advice for aspiring fantasy writers?

MRM - Get a Kindle or a Nook. Read several books by indie authors in the genre you want to write in and then ask yourself if you think you can compete. If you think you can,,, Go For It! But know this. Writing a good book is the easy part. Selling it is a whole other animal.

AA - If you had a magical power, what would it be and how would you use it?

MRM - I have a magic ring. It brings people to me and my writing. See, you are reading this, so it still works. If I had another power I would use it to make politicians unable to tell lies.

AA - What can you tell us about your book The First ten Steps?

MRM - The First Ten Steps work. Just read the reviews. They say it all.

AA - What’s next for M.R. Mathias?

MRM - I am currently writing 'Cold Hearted Son of a Witch' - The Dragoneers Saga II. I am going to try and get it, and another complete Dragoneer novel, out by Christmas. After that it's another Michael Robb pen name "thriller" novel, then I'll get Wardstone III from ink and paper to MS-Word and start editing.

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