Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Victoria Secret - The Auschwitz Collection

I ordered some comfy lilac stripe pajamas from Victoria Secret and was surprised to receive a pair of gray stripe pajamas instead. I called their customer service to straighten things out and was informed that they actually were the lilac that I ordered, they just looked gray. Something about the pjs really turned my stomach. I couldn't place why I would find such a simple article of clothing so off-putting. I showed them to my husband and asked "What do these remind you of? It's really bothering me." He replied without hesitation, "Why don't they just slap a yellow Star of David on those things? They look like what they made the prisoners wear in the concentration camps." He was right. That was exactly why they were bothering me, but I couldn't place it

There are very few iconic pajamas out there, good or bad, but I think if you are a designer of sleepwear, you should some sense of history. I'm sure it wasn't intentional, but should Victoria Secret really be putting out an Auschwitz line? These are definitely going back to the store. Creepy, to say the least.