Monday, December 31, 2012

     Here's an action scene from The Urchin, illustrated by Russell Dauterman. I happened to see a glimpse of Russell's portfolio at Comic-Con one year and immediately struck up a conversation.
     I love in the third panel how Vance is shown through the drawn bow of Dave. Very clever, Russell.
     For more information on Russell and an indepth look at his art, view his website at:

     The Urchin is a full length novel about boys from an isolated boarding school who struggle for survival in the post-apocalypse as they battle their former teachers and classmates who have been transformed into vampires.

     It's about friendship, survival, betrayal and yes, there is even a romance told through Vance's backstory. If you're curious and would like to read the first chapter, go here.
     The Urchin is available on all ebook platforms for 99 cents.


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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Archaia All-Ages Sale - Down at Fraggle Rock

Yes, it's time to experience the wonder of Fraggle Rock in a new and accessible way. That's right! We're talking downloadable.

ComiXology is having a sale of all Archaia all-ages titles. This includes Fraggle Rock, volume one. (Hey, hey - yes, that's the one where I have two stories). So, if you want to get downloadable on Fraggle Rock, go here now:

Okay - I can't find any of the Fraggle illustrations, so here's a fire that happened a few months ago. Yes, we had to evaculate, no we were not harmed and suffered no damage beyond loss of a night's sleep.