Sunday, June 21, 2015

History of the Vampire Has Launched!

For readers of Gayla Twist, History of the Vampire - book 4 in the Vanderlind Castle series - has launched!

Before Jessie fell in love with Aurora, he knew her as another girl. This is their story: 

“I couldn’t help that I was in love with Colette Gibson, but it did complicate things. Ending my romance with her would be the right thing to do. Turning her into a member of the undead would be the selfish thing to do. And conjoining with Colette for the rest of her life, and the rest of my eternity, would be the foolish thing to do. I knew all of that. The only problem was that I couldn’t see clearly which path to take. By the time the sun set and I climbed out of my coffin for the evening, I knew only one thing for sure; I had to see her.” 

Even though this is a prequel to the first three Vanderlind Castle books, it is best to read the story as book 4. I’ve included a few Easter Eggs for readers and there are many spoilers if you read the books out of order. It’s up to you, of course, but I wrote the book to be experienced after the first three stories. – xo GT 

Grab a copy here:  History of the Vampire