What I Learned From Being a Cheerleader

What I Learned From Being a Cheerleader

What I Learned From Being a Cheerleader is my first tween book for girls. (And grownup girls who remember the dark waters of middle school.)

Here's what my publisher, Belle Bridge Books, has to say about it:

Eleven-year-old Elaine Rewitzer is funny, smart and wryly observant, but totally into her new fame as a cheerleader for the Cross Creek Middle School Buccaneers.  Her best friend Bethany warns that Elaine will just become "part of the herd," and her best guy-pal, the loyal and gallant Tim, (who's struggling with nose polyps) feels forgotten.  Will Elaine survive the roller coaster of pre-teen cheerleader fame?  Will she win the heart of the cutest boy on the basketball team?  Will she confess her "uncool" love for comic books?  Will she lose Bethany and Tim's friendship for-evah?  AND WHEN WILL SHE GET HER POM POMS???
For the answer to those burning questions, stay tuned for WHAT I LEARNED FROM BEING A CHEERLEADER.

Here's a few complimentary quotes from bloggers who were kind enough to read it:

"There was a lot of humor woven into this story and I did find myself laughing quite a bit...moms and girls are going to appreciated WHAT I LEARNED FROM BEING A CHEERLEADER." -- Booking Mama Blog

"This novel was witty, brilliant, and told through a clear voice that just made you think, "This was me." or "This is me." -- Teens Actually Read Blog

The cover art is by the fabulous Ted Naifeh.