Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Lost Season 5 - Jeremy Davies - That is my sniff!


So, I was watching a bit of Rescue Dawn and there was an intriguing bit where two P.O.W.s are talking about a can that used to have some beans in it. The first guy says, "Does it still smell like the beans? Can I sniff it?" And the other says, "No, that is my sniff."

Okay, so it doesn't sound like much written out in some random blog, but the "that is my sniff" guy really sold the line and it amused me for days. Much to my delight, the same actor was cast in season... ? ... 5 (and maybe a bit of 4) of Lost. I've been watching it all the way through while I ride my stationary bike. I looked him up and he's Jeremy Davies. I'm putting him down as a new favorite. Great voice and I love his twitchy intensity.

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