Thursday, November 3, 2011

Help Fun the Harvey Pekar Statue

The top three reasons you should donate a dollar or more to help finance a statue to Harvey Pekar in Cleveland:

3) You love comics.

2) Pekar was a delightful grouch.

1) Cleveland needs more cool stuff.

Okay, these are probably my personal reasons, but that shouldn't stop you. Pekar needs a statue. Go to this link and pledge a buck. Harvey Pekar statue.


  1. We made it! The Harvey Pekar Memorial will be built. Thank you to everyone who pledged, tweeted and or posted. Thank you to Alan Moore who got behind the project. Thank you to Neil Gaiman, who also gave it a pledge and a mention. Go comics! Go Pekar! Go Cleveland!

  2. The final amount funded was $38,365 and I am absolutely thrilled. Yay Pekar! Yay Cleveland!