Monday, April 23, 2012

Hunger Games - The Movie

I waited for the crowds to clear, but I finally saw The Hunger Games movie. It was... well... kind of boring. This surprised me because the first book is pretty action packed, but I found myself seriously bored before the tributes even reached the arena. Somehow a lot of the flavor of the book didn't get transferred to the screen. I didn't find myself rooting for Katniss and I was disappointed with Hamish. I mean, you've got Woody Harrleson for crying out loud, give him his leash to really play out the character.

I was wondering if I just found the film boring because I'd read the book and knew what was going to happen, but my mom was quite bored too and she had no idea about the story. A lot of the action sequences are filmed with a joggley camera which eventually caused me to simply close my eyes to avoid being nauseated. Maybe it was filmed that way to give you the feeling of being right there, but I found it distancing. I know the Katniss character is very reserved, but she just came off as flat. The only character that is at all endearing in Peta.

After all that hype and really quite a suspenseful book, I personally give it a thumbs down. Even the action scenes were not pulling me in. Pity.

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