Thursday, April 29, 2010

Lost - Season 5

I'm finally watching the finale for Season 5 of Lost. And, while I've enjoyed watching it to keep me distracted while on my exercise bike, I can't help but find the plot a little muddy. It feels a lot like reading a Dickens novel, where he goes off at length on different tangents that end up going nowhere. Characters are established and then disappear without explanation.

If you want to really love Dickens, read The Real David Copperfield by Robert Graves (and Charles Dickens, naturally). Graves takes out all the "mistakes" and pandering to the gentle reader and gives you the book Dickens probably would have written if he wasn't creating episodes for a magazine and paid by the word.

Can someone please do that for Lost?

BTW, check out the hair on Mr. Dickens himself. He was quite the sass, apparently.

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