Monday, December 13, 2010


Girlpower: a Laugh-Packed Guide to the Guys and Gals Who Make Modern business What it is

This book was allegedly written by Kathy Cole and Donna Bain back in 1971. It even carries an endorsement on the cover by the girls who wrote Coffee, Tea, or Me. But, while reading the book, it occured to me that whoever was writing it was a) writing it for men and b) more than likely not a woman. A little research proved that Donald Bain was the author of both books and about three dozen others, many purported to have been written by female duos.
This book is a great flashback to a time period that I can't really remember, but my question for Donald Bain is, did these women really exist? I mean, did he interview stewardesses or temp workers and then weave a tale out of their memories or did he make it all up? Coffee, Tea, or Me was very popular in its day, so it seems likely people wanted to interview the author, etc... How was that handled?

Turns out Mr. Bain is still alive and kicking. He writes the long running Murder She Wrote series under his own name, but also with the fictionalized author Jessica Fletcher.

Mr. Bain, if you're out there, I'd love to interview you.

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