Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My Sister is Fully to Blame, But...

American Pickers Fan Club

I am completely addicted to American Pickers.

Okay, as the daughter of antique dealers, I don't normally like shows about buying / selling / appraising antiques. Why? Because they're usually totally unrealistic about pricing. I can't tell you how many times someone has come into our antique store with something to sell and said, "There was one exactly like mine on Antiques Road Show and they said it was worth $$$." Well, that's because the appraisers on that show are trying to sell air time for commercials, not antiques.

Now that I'm a full time writer, lashed to the keyboard for numerous hours each day, American Pickers gives me my thrift fix. (That's the urge to sift through a thrift store, garage sale, flea market, etc... looking for cool old items) Sometimes I think AP's prices are a titch high. Especially when they go to see a professional "appraiser" about a specialty item, but in general, I think the prices are fair. I like the personalities of the pickers and enjoy watching them hunt down hoarders. collectors and other pickers to wheel and deal.

The only other program I've come across that was as realistic about pricing was Cash in the Attic*. It was a BBC show where people were trying to raise money for something specific and therefore were willing to part with some of their antiques. What made the show really work is the experts would give an appraisal and then put the item in auction to see what it actually brings.

*Since initially writing this post, I have watched the American version and don't like it as much. Okay, I'm only seen one episode, but FYI.

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  1. This week they did an episode where they were looking for specific items for Bill Shatner. I like Shatner and everything well enough, but I hope this doesn't become a habit where they have celebrity guests. Just not as good as the regular show.