Tuesday, January 25, 2011

XOXO Betty and Veronica: We're with the Band

Well, I was hoping for a cover credit, but I guess a paycheck and resume booster will have to be good enough.

I have joined the ranks of Archie by writing a Betty and Veronica novella spinoff, We're with the Band. It's Archie Comics partnering Grosset & Dunlap (Penguin) to put out some upbeat tween books.

I have to admit, they're pretty fun to write. The world and characters are already all set up, so all I had to do was make them run around and do stuff. (Okay, that might not be considered fun in some people's universe, but it's a cool way to make a buck in mine.)

We're with the Band will be launching May 11th. Get your Amazon pre-order in now! ;O)


  1. Dear Adrianne Ambross,
    I just bought both of the xoxo Betty and Veronica books and I love the one you wrought! About the band and stuff. I hope you'll right more books! It is such a fun novel to read! My parents had to drag me to sleep because I was reading your book! Its a better than the comics as it's just one story not many. I live in Singapore and there they don't sell many Archie comics. I looked up the new book on my kindle: xoxo, Betty and Veronica: in each others shoes, I had to pre order it which made me upset but I'm happy they sell it on the kindle! Your books are a huge success.

  2. Thank you so much! I really enjoyed writing the story so I'm glad you enjoyed reading it. Yes, I did also write In Each Other's Shoes. It should be out in early September.

    Keep on reading! ;O)

  3. Hi Adrianne

    My daughter hasn't read this yet, so apologies if the answer is inside - she's a bit puzzled by the Xoxo at the beginning of the title... She's been asking if Xoxo is another character from the Archie universe... Does it just mean, hugs and kisses, Betty and Veronica?


  4. It's just the name of the book series where Betty and Veronica are featured. Xoxo I believe are hugs and kisses. I've written two of the three books that are available so far and let me assure you that the stories are fun, but very girl positive.

    Hope that helps.