Monday, June 6, 2011

H.P. Mallory Interview - Part I

To Kill a Warlock

H.P. Mallory is known as a popular indie writer in the Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance genres. (For those not in the know, an indie writer is someone who has found success circumnavigating traditional publishing and going the ebook, self-publishing route.)

AA - The first thing that struck me about your books is that your covers are so cute. What can you tell us about the artist and how the covers came about?

HP - Thank you! I actually designed them in photoshop. I purchased the images from a stock photography site and then added the Halloween backgrounds and the text myself. I was really going for something that would echo the tone of my books which I think is spooky but lighthearted, silly and fun.

AA - What advice would you give aspiring writers who are considering going the indie route? What did you do to promote your work online?

HP - Never give up! Also, I'm currently working on a book about my self publishing journey, including all the tips and tricks I did that I think helped contribute to my success. That should be out in the next few months.

(AA – Great. Please keep us updated on that.)

AA - What’s your writing process? Do you get cleaned up like you’re going to the office each morning or write in your pajamas half the day?

HP - I wake up in the morning and get my little guy ready to go to his nanny's. Then I drop him off, head to the gym for an hour and then go home and write until I have to pick him up again.

Then I go home, cook dinner for the little guy and the big one and once my son goes to sleep, I spend some more time either on Facebook, chatting with my readers or I do edits.

And, yes, sometimes I do find myself in my pajamas all day. LOL

AA - You’ve recently been offered a deal by Random House to continue with your Jolie Wilkins series. (Book 1 – Fire Burn and Cauldron Bubble, Book 2 – Toil and Trouble) Why did you decide to go with traditional publishing after having so much success as an indie author?

HP - I decided to go the traditional route because I thought it was best to have a foot in each camp, traditional and indie. And because of the fact that ebooks only currently account for 30% of total books, I wanted to better my chances of becoming a well known name in paranormal romance by also going the traditional route.

AA - Will Random House release your first books in the Jolie series as traditional print books?

HP - No, the first two Jolie books and all the Dulcie books will always be mine to self publish.

AA - When you were a kid, who did you find scarier, vampires, witches, ghosts, or werewolves? How did you ward off attack? (blanket snorkel, knocking on wood, nightlight, etc…?)

HP - Um, I would say as a kid, I was scared to death of the idea of ghosts. I never believed in vampires or werewolves but I did and still do believe in ghosts so the idea of seeing one is enough to still freak me out. LOL

And I don't know of any way to ward of a ghost attack. Hmm, that sounds like the premise to a good story...

AA - What are six of your favorite words in the English language?

HP - I like this question! I've never been asked this before:

1. Henry Cavill (LOL that's two)

2. Love

3. Unstoppable

4. Infinite

5. Babies

6. Laughter

AA - Part II of the Mallory interview coming soon.

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