Sunday, June 26, 2011

Rose Pressey Interview Part I

Rose Pressey is an indie author who has found ebook success with titles that include How to Date a Werewolf, Me and My Ghoulfriends, and No Shoes, No Shirt, No Spells. Here's part one of her interview:


AA - You have previously been traditionally published by a small press. Why did you decide to make the jump to being an indie author with ebooks?

RP - When I started writing, I knew I wanted readers. Sharing my stories with others is so much fun. Most people are reluctant to try a new author with an ebook priced at over five dollars. I think people are more likely to give my books a chance if they're not super expensive. With self-publishing, I liked the appeal of being able to offer my books at whatever price I wanted. Being an indie author allows me to do that.

AA - Who are your best Ghoulfriends?

RP - My best Ghoulfriends are my Chihuahuas. I had two, but one recently passed away and I miss him a whole bunch. I like to think he's still with me in spirit. Even though I can’t see him like Larue Donavan sees ghosts hanging around in Me and My Ghoulfriends, I feel he’s still watching out for me.

AA - What can you tell us about your latest title No Shoes, No Shirt, No Spells?

RP - I wrote No Shoes, No Shirt, No Spells while dieting, so it's no surprise it's full of delicious cuisine. Ha-ha. I had food on the brain. The main character, Elly Blair takes over her grandmother's little southern café. Her sweet granny failed to mention that she added magic to the menu items. Elly's a bit accident prone, so disaster strikes soon after she flips the first burger. There's hunky men, great food, and a lot of magic spells.

AA - What are your top four tips for dating a werewolf?

RP - I haven’t personally tested these rules, but I’d say buy steak dinners, avoid moonlit strolls, don't mention excess hair, and don't give silver jewelry as a gift.

AA - With ebooks in the picture, what do you think is the future of publishing?

RP - I feel a lot of people think it's ebooks or paper. To me, this isn’t necessarily an either/or situation. There’s room for both, but publishers need to adjust their pricing for ebooks. For the most part, people aren’t comfortable paying hardback prices for ebooks. As more ebooks become available though, more people will embrace ereaders and that could change things significantly.

AA - Who is your new favorite author? Or, what book have you read recently that you absolutely love?

RP - I have a bunch of favorite authors, but my favorite is anything light and humorous. I love Molly Harper's humor. She's unique and I love her Jane Jameson series.


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